What is up with recipes with a 500 word essay before actually getting to the ingredient list? When you're trying to cook something while the kiddos are napping, you have precious little time for that nonsense. Just tell me how much flour I need for this recipe! In the future, I might write up some tips and tricks I've used, but I won't put it with the recipes!

Recipes for Toddlers:

When I was a nanny for twins during the beginning of the pandemic, I made the vast majority of their food. We started with homemade baby food, mainly made by me with the Evla food maker. Then we switched to Baby Led Weaning. They loved these finger foods usually made with a side of steamed veggies, made with the Evla. 

The twins like mini muffins for breakfast, and here's their favorites so far:

Recipes for Friends:

When I'm not nannying or crocheting, I'm an extremely amateur baker. 

Maple Oat Nut Muffins (I make these for my breakfast during the work week)