Thursday, February 15, 2018

March 10 and April 28: mark your calendars!

I've officially received the paperwork, so I will be at the Playa Vista Farmers Market on Saturday March 10, and Saturday April 28. I'm cautiously optimistic :-)

Last weekend my husband and I checked out the market, and it was just so adorable! Not only are there fresh produce stands, but plenty of prepared foods and cute retail stalls. There's even a few Etsy sellers there, too. Tons of kids were running around, which is my target demographic, and if I sell three or more dinosaurs, I will come out in the black.

So stop by!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Mini T. Rex Crochet Pattern

My dinosaur obsession continues! Recently I created a tiny T. Rex, which I think works great as a stocking stuffer or a quick way of getting rid of an extra bit of yarn and stuffing.
If you've made amigurumi before, this pattern should be pretty simple. Be sure to put stuffing in as you go.

Materials Needed:
Size E (3.5 mm) crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn (shown in Red Heart Day Glow)
Fiberfill stuffing
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle

Stitches Used:
Magic ring (MR)
Increase (2sc)
Single crochet (sc)
Invisible decrease (invdec)

Head, Body, and Tail:
Make a MR with 6 scs in it                                               (6)
1. 2sc around                                                                       (12)
2. (sc 3x, 2sc 3x) 2x                                                            (18)
3. (sc 3x, [2sc, sc] 3x) 2x                                                    (24)
4. Sc 6x, 2sc 2x, sc 10x, 2sc 2x, sc 4x                              (28)
5. - 7. Sc around                                                                  (28)
8. Sc 4x, invdec 4x, sc 9x, invdec, sc 5x                           (23)
9. Sc 2x, invdec 3x, sc 15x                                                  (20)
10. Invdec 4x, sc 5x, invdec, sc 5x                                   (15)
11. - 15. Sc around                                                              (15)
16. Sc 10x, 2sc 3x, sc 2x                                                      (18)
17. Sc 10x, (2sc, sc) 3x, sc 2x                                             (21)
18. - 19. Sc around                                                              (21)
20. (invdec, sc 2x) 3x, sc 9x                                               (18)
21. Sc around                                                                       (18)
22. (invdec, sc) 3x, sc 9x                                                     (15)
23. Sc around                                                                       (15)
24. Invdec 3x, sc 9x                                                             (12)
25. Sc around                                                                       (12)
26. (sc 2x, invdec) 3x                                                          (9)
27. Sc around                                                                       (9)
28. (sc, invdec) 3x                                                               (6)
29. Invdec 3x                                                                      (3)
Fasten off, and weave in the end.

Legs (make 2):
Make a MR with 6 scs in it                                          (6)
1. 2sc around                                                                   (12)
2. Sc around                                                                    (12)
3. Invdec around                                                            (6)
4. Sc around                                                                   (6)
5. (sc 2x, 2sc) 2x                                                           (8)
6. (sc 3x, 2sc) 2x                                                             (10)
7. (sc 4x, 2sc) 2x                                                              (12)
8. (sc 5x, 2sc) 2x                                                             (14)
9. (sc 6x, 2sc) 2x                                                            (16)
10. (sc 6x, invdec) 2x                                                     (14)
11. (sc 5x, invdec) 2x                                                     (12)
12. Invdec around                                                           (6)
13. Invdec around                                                           (3)
Fasten off with about 6 inches of yarn and use it to sew to the body.

Arms (make 2):
Make a MR with 6 scs in it                                       (6)
1. - 5. Sc around                                                        (6)
6. Sc, invdec, sc 2x, 2sc                                           (6)
7. Sc, invdec, sc 2x, 2sc                                           (6)
8. Invdec around                                                        (3)
Fasten off with about 6 inches of yarn and sew it to the body. I usually thread the yarn through the arm to the very first round and sew that to the body.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Etsy Sale!

For 2018, I'm revamping and streamlining my online shop. Which means I'm having a SALE! Many items are 25% off, with no need for a coupon.

Shawls, scarves, gloves, blankets, toys... so many awesome things!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Next Crochet Lesson: January 27, 11am-2pm

I had a great time teaching some basic stitches to some friends, and making some new friends too! From now on, I think every first and third Saturday will work great for meeting at Bricks & Scones. But this month, the third Saturday is the Women's March, so I'll have to move it back one week.

A few other notes:
Parking can be rough, but two blocks west on Arden or two blocks east on Gower has always been relatively open - but be sure to check the parking signs just in case!
We will always be on the first floor. When you walk in, go to the counter to order a cup of coffee or whatever you'd like, and then go into the room beyond the counter. I'm always there early, so just look for me!

I hope to see you on the 27th!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Get Ready for Crochet Classes!


Are you looking for laid-back and fun crochet lessons? Want to get a cup of coffee and hang out with awesome people on a Saturday morning (well, mid-morning, there's no need to wake up early on the weekends!) and I've also heard that this place has yummy scones.

Be sure to check out the tab above that says "Crochet Lessons." I also have a Facebook Event.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dinosaurs Galore!

Each craft fair teaches me something new. I got so many positive comments on my dinosaurs, especially the ones that were made with bright multicolored ones. So I've listed a bunch of them on Etsy now, and I'm just getting started!

Stella the Stegosaurus