Master Yoda Amigurumi Pattern

My kiddo (the child I nanny for) is having a Star Wars themed birthday party at the end of this month.  I'm working on new ideas for the party, and making him a few gifts, like a Yoda doll!  Obviously, I don't own Star Wars or Yoda.  Here's my pattern:

I made this all with worsted weight yarn.  The body is in Red Heart Super Saver in Spring Green and Coffee.  The shoes are in Red Heart Super Saver in Cafe Latte.  The jacket is Big Twist Sincerely in Light Gray (I have also made this with the Cafe Latte, too).  I also used Polyfill to stuff the body, and 12mm safety eyes for the eyes and shoulder joints.  I used a G (4.0 mm) hook for the entire project.

Stitches Used:
sc: single crochet
2sc: two single crochets in one stitch
Invdec: invisible decrease
FLO: front loops only
BLO: back loops only
dc: double crochet
2dc: two double crochets in one stitch
3dc: three double crochets in one stitch
hdc: half double crochet
bobble: yarn over, insert hook into stitch, YO and pull through, YO and pull through 2 loops.  YO, insert hook into same stitch, YO and pull through, YO and pull through 2 loops (there should be 3 loops left on your hook).  YO, insert hook in same stitch, YO and pull through, YO and pull through 2 loops (there should be 4 loops left on your hook).  YO and pull through all loops.
sl st: slip stitch

Make continuous rounds, using a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each one.

1. Magic Ring with 6 sts  (6)
2. 2sc in each st  (12)
3. (2sc, sc) 6x  (18)
4. (2sc, sc 2x) 6x  (24)
5. Sc around  (24)
6. (2sc, sc 3x) 6x  (30)
7. (2sc, sc 4x) 6x  (36)
8. - 11. Sc around (36)
12. (Invdec, sc 4x) 6x  (30)
13. Sc around (30)
14. (Invdec, sc 3x) 6x (24)
15. (Invdec, sc 2x) 6x (18)
16. (Invdec, sc 4x) 3x (15)
17. - 18. Sc around (15)
Stop at this point, and place your safety eyes in.  Then stuff the head with polyfill.

Change to COFFEE yarn.

19. (2sc, sc 4x) 3x  (18)
20. (2sc, sc 5x) 3x  (21)
21. - 23. Sc around  (21)
24. (2sc, sc 6x) 3x  (24)
25. - 26. Sc around  (24)
27. (2sc, sc 7x) 3x  (27)
28. - 29. Sc around  (27)
30. (2sc, sc 8x) 3x  (30)
31. Sc around  (30)
32. FLO: (2sc, sc 5x) 5x  (35)
33. - 34. Sc around  (35)
Fasten off.

Arms (Make 2):

1. Magic Ring with 6 sts  (6)
2. (2sc, sc 2x) 2x  (8)
3. (2sc, sc 3x) 2x  (10)
4. - 5. Sc around  (10)
6. Sc, bobble, sc 8x  (10)
7. Sc around (10)
8. (Invdec, sc 3x) 2x  (8)
9. - 10. Sc around  (8)
11. 2sc, sc 7x  (9)
12. - 17. Sc around (9)
Insert the safety eyes into one of the stitches, where the armpit is.  Make sure to make one arm a left one and one a right one!  Stuff loosely with polyfill, and try not to get any polyfill in the hands.
18. Invdec 4x
Fasten off, and sew closed.

Push the safety eye through the body, in the second round of the color change.  Put the backing on, fastening the arms to the body.  Make sure to snap the backing on tightly.  Stuff the body.

Feet (Make 2):

1. Magic Ring with 6 sts (6)
2. (2sc 2x, sc) 2x  (10)
3. (Sc, 2sc 2x, sc 2x)  (14)
4. (Sc 2x, 2sc 2x, sc 3x)  (18)
5. BLO: Sc around  (18)
6. - 7. Sc around  (18)
8. (Invdec, sc) 6x  (12)
Stuff the feet with polyfill.  Change to COFFEE yarn.
9. Sc around  (12)
10. 2sc around  (24)
For the first foot, fasten off with at least 6 inches of yarn.  For the second foot, put a stitch marker in the loop.  Do NOT fasten off.  Take the yarn from the first foot and sew 6 stitches to 6 stitches of the second foot.  Make sure the toes are pointing the correct way!
11. Starting back at the stitch marker.  Sc around both feet, ignoring the sewn stitches.  (36)
Fasten off, leaving a very long yarn tail, about 12 inches.


Make sure the body has enough stuffing, and stuff the feet and lower body.  Sew the edge of the feet to the loops of the FLO in the body.

Ears (Make 2):

1. Ch 12
2. Starting with the second ch from your hook, sl st 2x, sc 2x, hdc 2x, dc 3x, hdc 2x
Sew onto the head.

1. Ch 27
2. Starting with the third ch from your hook, dc all  (24)
3. - 4. Ch 2, dc all  (24)
5. Ch 2, 2dc, 3dc, sc 3x, dc 14x, sc 3x, 3dc, 2dc  (30)
6. Ch 2, dc 5x, ch 4x, dc 14x, ch 4x, dc 5x  (30)
7. Ch 2, dc all, including a dc in each chain  (30)
8. Ch 2, (dc 4x, 2dc) 6x  (36)
9. Ch 2, (dc 8x, 2dc) 4x  (40)
10. - 12. Ch 2, dc all  (40)
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Sleeve (Make 2, one in each armhole):
1. Sc around in armhole  (12)
2. Ch 2, (dc 3x, 2dc) 3x  (15)
3. Ch 2, (dc 4x, 2dc) 3x  (18)
Fasten off and weave in ends.

1. Ch 6, bobble in second st.  Fasten off, and sew into Yoda's hand.

1. Ch 36.

I've made tons of my own patterns, but this is my first one I've published, so if you have any questions, please ask!  I'll respond ASAP.