Another Re-Start

A friend of mine posted that she really wanted to start a blog, and pretty much everyone said she should use WordPress. So I went and checked them out. After about 2 hours of frustration, I gave up. I'm sticking with this one, it's so much easier!

Anyway, I did some revamping here.  I thought that rainbow picture in the back sort of looked like yarn, and I added my Etsy shop.  Just click on any of the pictures for more info.  I'm also checking out tons of craft fairs and shows in the area, so hopefully I'll be finding a good one to show at soon.

I might also continue my childcare advice.  After decades of working with kids, I've got tons of ideas!

I also should re-start healthy eating.  We're planning on a spring trip to Buffalo to see the in-laws, and I'd like to lose a bit of this weight before I go.


  1. Welcome back to your blog, Melissa! I applaud your efforts. I'm trying to eat healthy too. Jordan and I both lost 30 pounds with Jenny Craig and it's really hard to keep it off with regular eating. All tips welcome!!!!! My best tip that HAS helped: use olive oil cooking spray instead of oil in almost everything, and roast vegetables on a cookie sheet with it. xoxox

    1. Thanks Aunt DJ! I admit I haven't fully started eating healthy (I had cookies for dinner last night), but I am having a smoothie for breakfast and I'm making a chicken curry for dinner. Yes, curry is very high fat, but there's next to no sodium and tons of healthy protein.


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