Tomboy Nanny

My name is Melissa, and I am Tomboy Nanny. I began nannying in 2008, and luckily I have a great circle of nanny friends who have helped me move ahead in my career. Now I want to share what I've learned! I'm also a crocheter, musician, podcaster, and avid sports fan. During my free time, I love to play pub trivia and see Shakespeare in the park each summer. The background photo here is actually a blanket I created with each panel representing a different Shakespeare play. Here's what you can find on this website:


Please sign up for fun stories of my nannying career, plus advice, recipes, and monthly themed booklists and activities. In the future, I may have more written interviews with nannies. If you wanted to be featured on my podcast, but were a bit shy about being recorded, we might be able to do a written version!


I am also a crocheter, and I create fun toys and accessories! I have a few downloadable games, there too, including a dinosaur scavenger hunt!

Crochet Patterns:

If you're also a crocheter, please check out my patterns on Ravelry!


I am the host of the podcast The Nanny Endorsements, where I interview fellow nannies on ways to become better in our careers. I have compiled two lists of recommendations from my guests, one of children's books, and one of classes they suggested to help continue learning as a nanny.