Braided Cable Cowl

Want to make the entire set? Find the hat pattern HERE and the gloves pattern HERE. The finished projects will also be sold in my Etsy shop.

Materials needed:
Worsted weight yarn, Lion Brand’s Pound of Love is the perfect amount for the cowl, gloves and hat. Patterns for the gloves and hat are available in my Ravelry, Etsy and Craftsy shops.
Size H crochet hook

Stitches used:
Ch: chain
Sc: single crochet
Fpdc: front post double crochet
Fptr: front post triple crochet

Each row (except the first, which will have 35 chain stitches) should have 34 stitches.
Row 4 is the first row with fpdc stitches. Those stitches should be done around stitches directly below, in row 2. After that, each fpdc should be done around the fpdcs directly below.

1.      Ch 35
2.      Skip the stitch nearest to your hook, and sc across
3.      Ch, sc across
4.      Ch, sc, (fpdc 2x, sc 2x, fpdc 9x, sc 2x) 2x, fpdc 2x, sc
5.      Repeat row 3
6.      Repeat row 4
7.      Repeat row 3
8.      Ch, sc, (fpdc 2x, sc 2x, skip 3 stitches, fptr 3x, fptr 3x around the skipped stitches, fpdc 3x, sc 2x) 2x, fpdc 2x, sc
9.      Repeat row 3
10.  Repeat row 4
11.  Repeat row 3
12.  Repeat row 4
13.  Repeat row 3
14.  Ch, sc, (fpdc 2x, sc 2x, fpdc 3x, skip 3 stitches, fptr 3x, fptr 3x BEHIND the fptrs you just did, around the 3 skipped stitches, sc 2x) 2x, fpdc 2x, sc
Repeat rows 3-14, as many times as necessary. In my photos, I repeated it 14 times. Lay your work out, with your last row you crocheted next to the SIDE of your first rows. With the braid sides on the inside, crochet one row of scs through both your current row AND the side of your first rows. This will connect your cowl. Fasten off, and weave in the ends.