Basket Weave Pink Pussyhat

I've had fun creating a few different patterns with the PussyHat Project hats. So here's a cute basket weave stitch that's super simple.


Worsted weight yarn (shown here in Red Heart Super Saver's Pretty 'n' Pink)
Size J crochet hook
Scissors and tapestry needle

Stitches used:

Ch: chain
Sl st: slip stitch
Dc: double crochet
Fpdc: front post double crochet
Bpdc: back post double crochet
Fpdc2tog: front post double crochet two stitches together


Rounds are not done continuously.
The chains do NOT count as a stitch. When doing your first fpdc or bpdc, do it around both the post AND the chains.
This hat is one size fits most.


1. Ch 70 sts. Sl st into the very first stitch, and be careful not to twist your chain around.
2. Ch 2, dc around (70 sts)
3. - 6. Ch 2, (fpdc 5x, bpdc 5x) 7x (70 sts)
7. - 10. Ch 2, (bpdc 5x, fpdc 5x) 7x (70 sts)
11. - 14. Ch 2, (fpdc 5x, bpdc 5x) 7x (70 sts)
15. - 18. Ch 2, (bpdc 5x, fpdc 5x) 7x (70 sts)
19. Ch 2, (fpdc 2x, bpdc 2x) 8x, fpdc2tog, fpdc, bpdc 2x, (fpdc 2x, bpdc 2x) 7x, fpdc2tog, fpdc, bpdc 2x (68 sts)
20. - 23. Ch 2, (fpdc 2x, bpdc 2x) 17x (68 sts)
Fasten off, and weave in the end.

Cut off a long strand of your yarn. Cut a long strand of yarn. Lay your hat flat, and sew your beginning chains together, with just a basic running stitch. With another strand of yarn, sew a basic running stitch diagonally across to create the ears. I did mine starting 10 stitches in, down to the corner in row 10. Or simply, two basket weave squares in, and two basket weave squares down.

Weave in all your ends.

Like this hat? Make some gloves to match. My pattern is HERE.
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