Football Amigurumi

I'm in a fantasy football league with my husband and his cousins. I actually won last year! The previous winner mailed me our trophy (it was a ceramic pig, for some reason), but he didn't pack it well, and it pretty much shattered in a million pieces. Of course my first thought was to make my own trophy! We all live in different parts of the country (California, Arizona, Indiana and New York), so having to send the trophy in the mail is something that will almost definitely happen. My plan is to make an amigurumi Lombardi Trophy, and here is the football for the top. It's a nice size, that can be fun to toss around the house.

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Materials needed:
Size G crochet hook (4.0 mm)
Worsted weight yarn in brown and white (I used Red Heart Super Saver in Coffee and White)
Tapestry needle
Stitch marker
Fiberfill stuffing

Gauge isn't important. This is made in continuous rounds, so do not join or flip your work.

Stitches used:
Magic Ring
Single crochet (sc)
Increase (2sc)
Invisible decrease (invdec)

1. Make a Magic Ring with 6 sc stitches
2. 2sc around  (12)
3. (2sc, sc 3x) 3x (15)
4. (2sc, sc 4x) 3x (18)
5. (2sc, sc 2x) 6x (24)
6. (2sc, sc 7x) 3x (27)
7. (2sc, sc 8x) 3x (30)
8. (2sc, sc 4x) 6x (36)
9. (2sc, sc 11x) 3x (39)
10. (2sc, sc 12x) 3x (42)
11. (2sc, sc 13x) 3x (45)
12. Sc around (45)
Change to white
13. - 14. Sc around (45)
Change to brown
15. - 26. Sc around (45)
Change to white
26. - 27. Sc around (45)
Change to brown. Take about 2 feet of white yarn, and sew in the stitches. Start with a long one going the length of the ball, and then a few over that. Begin stuffing the football with fiberfill, and continue doing so as you go.
28. Sc around (45)
29. (Invdec, sc 13x) 3x (42)
30. (Invdec, sc 12x) 3x (39)
31. (Invdec, sc 11x) 3x  (36)
32. (Invdec, sc 4x) 3x (30)
33. (Invdec, sc 8x) 3x (27)
34. (Invdec, sc 7x) 3x (24)
35. (Invdec, sc 2x) 6x (18)
36. (Invdec, sc 4x) 3x (15)
37. (Invdec, sc 3x) 3x (12)
38. Invdec around (6)
Fasten off tightly, and weave the end in.

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