Movie Night Outside Blanket!

My husband and I have become outdoor movie professionals.  In LA, there are many places that show films outside where you can bring a picnic and relax under the stars. If you're ever at Hollywood Forever Cemetery to see a Hitchcock film, I'm probably there.  Come say hi!

Anyway, here's a few photos of my finished blanket:

It is 60x80 squares, so it's the perfect size for a one person picnic.  There is just enough room for you to sit on and have room for your picnic. I like to have one for each person at the picnic, and then lay them out next to each other.  Since I use acrylic yarn (mainly Red Heart), after being on the dirty ground, I just pop it into the washing machine and as long as your ends are weaved in, it shouldn't come apart.

I recommend downloading my graph below, and printing it.  I've also written out the instructions, with only 20 rows in each section, so you don't get overwhelmed.

Save and download this. You might want to print it.

List of Materials:
Size H crochet hook
Jumbo skein of black yarn
Jumbo skein of bright white yarn
TWO jumbo skeins of gray heather yarn
Regular skein of the color of your choice
Regular skein of the color of your choice
Tapestry needle

The two colors you can pick for yourself, but I used Gold and Royal Blue.

Now, without further ado, here is the instructions!

PART 1: Rows 1-20
PART 2: Rows 21-40
PART 3: Rows 41-60
PART 4: Rows 61-80
PART 5: Rows 81-100
PART 6: Rows 101-120
PART 7: Rows 121-139

It's as easy as that!  Don't forget to check out my can cozies, they match the blanket!