Movie Night Outside Blanket Part 1

Happy first day of summer!  Here in LA, it definitely feels like summer. It was over 80 degrees by 7AM!

Anyway, I'm working on another movie night blanket.  I have found that C2C graphghans (corner-to-corner crocheted blanket that can look like a graph) are perfect for our outdoor movie nights.  If you've never made one, Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me has a great video on how to start and do color changes right HERE. The only thing I do slightly different is I use a chain 5 instead of a chain 6, and a chain 2 instead of a chain 3. It makes the squares a bit closer together, but either way works perfectly fine. The ones I like to make are 80 by 60 squares, which makes a tiny blanket that's perfect for one person to sit on with a few drinks and snacks.

This one will have a bit of a film theme, which will be great for those of you who love watching movies outside.

The colors I used are all Red Heart Super Saver. Ideally, get the JUMBO rolls, and I'd say start with one apiece. Ball up your yarn in multiple tiny balls.
b = black
w = white
g = gray heather
There are two other colors, which I recommend you just picking your two favorite colors. In my blanket, You won't need them until Part 2, but if you're running to the yarn store, you might as well pick up a skein of each. I'm using these:
y = gold
z = royal

I'll be writing this out in 7 parts, each one with 20 rows. For this group it is ALL increasing, so don't worry about figuring out how to decrease yet. So here it is!

1. 1b
2. 2b
3. 3b
4. 4b
5. 5b
6. 3b, 1w, 2b
7. 2b, 2w, 3b
8. 3b, 3w, 2b
9. 2b, 4w, 3b
10. 3b, 5w, 2b
11. 2b, 6w, 3b
12. 3b, 6w, 3b
13. 4b, 5w, 4b
14. 5b, 4w, 5b
15. 2b, 1w, 3b, 3w, 2b, 1w, 3b
16. 3b, 2w, 2b, 2w, 3b, 2w, 2b
17. 2b, 3w, 3b, 1w, 2b, 2w, 2b
18. 3b, 4w, 5b, 2w, 1g, 1w, 2b
19. 2b, 1w, 2g, 2w, 4b, 5w, 3b
20. 3b, 6w, 3b, 2w, 3g, 1w, 2b

Here's a few photos of my blanket after finishing Part 1.  Also, I don't remember where I saw this, but someone put up photos their yarn balls with hair clips holding the yarn down.  When I was done crocheting for the day, this helped keep things organized.  It was seriously amazing!