Movie Night Accessories

One of my favorite things about summer is outdoor movies.  My husband and I have become professionals, we've gone to so many.  Our favorites are Hitchcock films, but comedies are always fun, too.  It's even fun for kids, too! Well, as long as the movie is appropriate.

Most of the outdoor movie nights allow alcohol, and we've learned from experience that cans are preferable to bottles.  You want something lightweight, and easy to clean up. The only problem is bugs smell the sugar in your drink, and might try to sneak into it.  So I created film-themed can covers!  I can make them in pretty much any color, and they're made to look like a filmstrip.  One really great thing is if you go with a group, you can get one color for each person, so you don't forget which drink is which.  Order more than one for a discount.

Click here to get your own drink covers, in almost any color imaginable!