Friday, April 15, 2016

Sophie's Sunshine

My finished Sophie's Universe!

I feel like I've climbed Crochet Everest.  That's right, I completed (to part 18) Sophie's Universe!  If you haven't heard of it, it is the massive CAL (crochet-a-long) with 113 rows of flowery crochet.  It took me over a month to create.  I wanted to make this, just to see if I could.  Plus, the instructions were very easy, but I feel like I've learned tons of new stitches and styles.

Here's the CAL:

Anyway, when I finished and posted a few pictures a lot of people wanted to know my color scheme.  So here it is!  First off, I only used Red Heart Super Saver (because I'm cheap).

Color List:
My 7-year-old charge playing with Sophie
1. Bright Yellow
2. Gold
3. Pumpkin
4. Cherry Red
5. Dark Orchid
6. Soft Navy
7. Turquoise
8. Light Blue

You're going to need a lot of each color, especially the later colors.  You'll need tons of the navy, turquoise and blue.  Obviously, if you want to switch colors or can't find a certain one, feel free!

I thought it'd be easiest if I broke this down by each of the Sophie's groups.

1. Yellow
2. Gold
3. Yellow
4. Gold
5. Yellow
6. Gold
7. Pumpkin
8. Gold

9. Yellow
10. Gold
11. Yellow
12. Gold
13. Pumpkin
14. Gold
15. Pumpkin

16. Gold
17. Yellow
18. Gold
19. Pumpkin
20. Gold
21. Pumpkin
22. Gold
23. Pumpkin
24. Gold
25. Pumpkin

26. Red
27. Pumpkin
28. Gold
29. Pumpkin
30. Gold
31. Pumpkin
32. Red
33. Pumpkin
34. Red
35. Pumpkin
36. Gold

37. Pumpkin
38. Red
39. Pumpkin
40. Red
41. Pumpkin
42. Red
43. Purple
44. Red
45. Pumpkin

46. Red
47. Pumpkin
48. Red
49. Purple
50. Red
51. Purple
52. Red
53. Pumpkin

54. Red
55. Purple
56. Red
57. Purple
58. Red
59. Purple
60. Red
61. Purple

62. Navy
63. Purple
64. Red
65. Purple
66. Red
67. Purple
68. Navy

69. Purple
70. Navy
71. Purple
72. Red
73. Purple
74. Navy

WEEK 10:
75. Purple
76. Navy
77. Purple
78. Navy
79. Turquoise
80. Navy

WEEK 11:
81. Purple
82. Navy
83. Purple
84. Navy

WEEK 12:
85. Turquoise
86. Navy
87. Turquoise
88. Navy

WEEK 13:
89. Purple
90. Navy
91. Turquoise
92. Navy

WEEK 14:
93. Turquoise
94. Navy
95. Turquoise
96. Navy
97. Turquoise

WEEK 15:
98. Light Blue
99. Turquoise
100. Navy
101. Turquoise

WEEK 16:
102. Navy
103. Turquoise
104. Light Blue

WEEK 17:
105. Turquoise
106. Light Blue
107. Turquoise
108. Navy
109. Turquoise

WEEK 18:
I did things a bit differently on this week.  Sophie's Universe ends on row 113, but to finish my pattern, I needed 114 rows.  So I added a simple sc row as a second to last row.  If you'd prefer not to get confused by this, just stick with the usual pattern.
110. Light Blue
111. Turquoise
112. Light Blue
113. Turquoise (this is the row that I did sc in every stitch, and (2sc, ch 2, 2sc) in each corner)
114. Light Blue

Here's one more pic of my little buddy hiding in my blanket.  I don't recommend letting your kids doing this, since he stretched it out a bit, but he was having such a good time with it!

Happy hooking!


  1. Your blanket is so beautiful! I am going to make another one in your colors. Thanks for posting them.

  2. Hey! Your Sophie is beautiful! One of my all-time-faves! I was just wondering if you knew what quantities of yarn you used? Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much, Lynne, Sher and Kat! I don't remember exactly how much yarn I used, but the blues and purples had at LEAST 3 or 4 skeins of each. The inner colors (yellow, gold and orange) were only a skein or two. That's why I used Red Heart Super Saver, so I didn't have to worry about dye lots.

    But thanks again! It took a lot of work :-)

  4. Coolest colorway ever! Thank you for sharing. Was this Throw on Dedri's new book of Sofie's Universe?

    1. Thank you Beth! I don't think it was used in her book. Well, at least I haven't heard of it being used :-)

  5. Thank you for sharing. I crocheted one in your color choices. It's wonderful.

  6. Would you please give us the amount of skeins in each colour you used for your project? I love your choice of colours.

    1. Hi there, I posted earlier in this thread saying that I don't have the specific yardage, but the first colors (the yellows and oranges) only need 1 or 2 skeins, but the blues and purples need at LEAST 3 or 4 skeins.

  7. This is BY FAR the MOST BEAUTIFUL sophie out there!!!! I am making one for my mother right now in a solid silvery heather gray that is coming out amazing. My next one (will be for me) and I am stealing your color scheme... thank you.. thank you!!! Absolutely stunning!!