Ask a Nanny!

I'm a professional nanny with decades of childcare experience.  I love helping out moms, dads, and other nannies with little bits of advice.  Finally, a mom told me I should write my own advice blog, so here I am!  Do you have questions?  I have answers!  Here are a few questions I've been asked repeatedly, and I'll be answering them.

Should I use a nanny agency, website or word of mouth to hire a new nanny?

What should I ask a nanny in an interview?

I love our nanny.  How should I show her our gratitude?

I like our nanny, but there are a few things I'm worried about.  How should I bring this up?

How do I know my nanny is taking good care of my child?

How do I teach my child boundaries?

How do I handle a temper tantrum in public?

How many after school programs is too many?

Homework help!

TV show reviews!

Any other ideas?  What would you like to know?


  1. Great idea! Wish I'd had you as a resource when my kids were little!


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