A Hot and Dry Sunday Makes Me Ready to Get Back into the Pool

On a day like this, with the temp spiking in Southern California, I'm thinking it's definitely time to start up my swimming lessons for the season.  Right now, I'm waiting to hear back about my two pools I teach at in Hollywood and West Hollywood.  I've really loved teaching the group baby classes, and I still like my one-on-one lessons with the older kids.  I teach with a great company, www.kidswim.org so if you're in the Hollywood area, and you'd like to sign up for lessons, go sign up!

Yes, this will cut into my crochet and knitting time, but I'm still able to crank out most of my items pretty quickly.  Each item can be ready in about a week, depending on the size of the project and how many are ordered.  But remember to add a bit of time to that for the Post Office.

I've started branching out and making coffee sleeves.  A friend of mine asked if I could make them, which I totally can, but I wanted to make them a bit different from the usual regular sleeve.  My first one has a cute black cat on it!  What other animals should I try to make?  A dog, pig, elephant, monster, mouse?

Remember, if you see an item I have here or in Etsy and you think, "that'd be perfect, but I wish the doll had red hair, or I wish that crown was pink and green," or whatever other modification you can think of I can probably oblige.  I've got a ton of different colors available!