One of a Kind Dolls Available!

I've been playing with making "amigurumi" (Japanese for "crochet stuffed toy") dolls.  I'm going to be selling these awesome friends on Etsy, but if you'd prefer to just go through PayPal, I can do that too!  Would you like one that looks like your child? They are made to order, and depending on my workload, they take about 3-4 days to make.  

The boy I take care of was my first model (the blond one with the big smile), and he LOVED it.  He's tossed his doll in the air, dragged it around the house, and squeezed it in a super tight hug.  The doll held its shape perfectly!

They are $25, plus $6 shipping.

The arms are moveable, and the entire body is soft.  They're made out of acrylic yarn with polyester fiberfill stuffing.

If you're interested, my Etsy shop is HERE.

Or if you'd prefer, here's my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  Contact me on any of these.